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new plan: Start Blogging!

Unique, fully supported blog-hosting plan brought to YOU by Prairie Design!

You want a blog at your own domain (like: but scared of all the hassle that comes with maintaining a web site?
You don’t want or don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs for running a blog on your own domain?
You want a “ready to move-in” blog installed for you?

If the answer is yes – You came to the right place: Prairie Design has the solution for you! Go to read more…

One-stop service for all your needs

Prairie Design offers a full service solution for all your web needs:
design, customization, and hosting.

  • You don’t have to go from company to company, we provide complete web
  • Your website is guaranteed for one full year. If anything goes wrong with your design, we’ll fix it within 20 hours.
  • Need a personal website? We can design it to reflect your personality!
  • Prairie Design understands your small business and will customize the design to serve you the best
  • Your website will be ready within the term agreed. If not, we’ll reduce
    your costs by 5% every day it’s late.
  • Your website will load much faster because we create it using web standards compliant code (HTML, XHTML) and CSS. This means you visitors won’t leave you before your site slowly loads the page

SPECIAL OFFER FOR BLOGGERS: Your blog design can match your website look and feel for a totally integrated, professional looking design. Contact Prairie Design now.

We offer special discount for Canadian non-for-profit agencies and for humanitarian organizations worldwide. Contact us for details!

Check out our Services page and contact us for a free quote!

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- I wish I knew earlier about this blogging plan of yours. It is an excellent service for people like myself...
David G.

- In the evolution of the website, I found Moshu’s flexibility to be as valuable as his thorough understanding of webpage design.
Richard H. Smiley, Ph.D.
Member, Board of Trustees
Shakespeare Oxford Society

- Moshu from helped me set up WP and has done an outstanding job integrating it into my existing site. I highly recommend his services.
John Dickinson



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